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Thousands of international students are choosing to study in Australia – home to some of the world’s top B-Schools, awarding globally valued MBA degrees, and producing graduates with gaining top-notch skills and high employability. This blog covers the MBA programme structure; duration, intake, cost of study, scholarships, eligibility criteria; study, work experience, statement of purpose, language requirements like IELTS, PTE, GRE/GMAT etc.

Here at Hurray, we have the experience and the expertise to help you, make your goal of an Overseas Education see fruition. We have compiled a list of important areas that you need to keep in mind when selecting universities in Australia. If you want to know more about why to choose Australia for an MBA check out our blog Is Australia Best For MBA | Study MBA In Australia 

Right now one of the most popular courses is the MBA. Read on to learn why we suggest Australia for your MBA!

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MBA programme structure in Australia

  1. Duration

Australian MBA programmes are 16 months’ duration at minimum, often going up to 1.5-2 years.

  1. Intake

The MBA programmes typically offer intakes in the first half of the year i.e. January-February.

Some may offer intakes in the latter half of the year i.e. July-August, while some may offer offer multiple intake dates.

  1. Cost of Study

In the UK, as elsewhere across the world, MBA programmes are among the most expensive postgraduate degree programmes – owing to the kind of resources you are given access to and exposure you stand to benefit from. 

The average tuition fee is about 75-95000 AUD for the duration of the programme (up to 2 years). 

Additionally, the cost of living in Australia varies as per the location, with certain major metropolitan areas having a higher cost than locations in Regional Australia. As per the Student Visa requirements, the funds required to live and study in Australia is set at 20-25000 AUD per annum.

  1. Scholarships availability 

Several major B-Schools in Australia offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for MBA students, offering partial or full funding. Some examples include the Kraft Heinz Scholarship offered by the University of Melbourne, Melbourne business school, and the MBA International Women in Leadership Scholarships In Australia, at Monash University.

You can learn of these and several other scholarship opportunities when you reach out to our Overseas Education counselling team for your one-on-one counselling session!

Eligibility criteria for a Australia MBA

  1. Prior Study

The minimum requirement for entry into an Australian university postgraduate programme, including the MBA, is a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by a recognised tertiary education provider. The 3-year degrees offered in India are recognised and accepted. You would typically require a minimum percentage of 65% across your cumulative years of study.

  1. Work experience 

Australian B-Schools, like others around the world, typically require aspirants to have 1-2 years’ work experience at minimum. This is so because the MBA is designed to draw on your industry experiences, as well as those of your classmates – in order to build a strong foundation going beyond theory.

In comparison to B-Schools in some other countries, like the UK, the years of work experience required is relatively lower. There are also several programmes which are known to admit excellent students lacking the working experience. 

For international students looking to do an MBA with less work experience or none at all, Australia becomes an excellent and attractive option.

  1. Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

Australian universities do not require an SOP for admission purposes. 

However, you do need to write one for your Visa. As per the Australian Government’s Simplified Student Visa Framework, international students must submit an SOP along with their student visa application, in satisfaction of the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. 

It must indicate that you intend to stay in the country temporarily, strictly for the purpose of gaining a quality education – or in other words, that you are a genuine student. It should also be an indicator of your academic strengths and potential, and ability to take on the rigours of the indicated programme. As an MBA aspirant, your work experience and your intentions with your MBA degree must be clearly reflected.

For tips on structuring and planning your SOP, check out our blog post-Top Tips To Write A SOP For Study In Australia.

  1. Language requirement

To study MBA in Australia, you will have to submit proof of English language proficiency – preferred tests include IELTS, with scores upwards of 6.5, and PTE, with minimum scores of 53.

(At Hurray, our IELTS and PTE training programmes are designed to help you achieve top scores!)


Another requirement of several Australian B-Schools is the GMAT exam, with a general required score of 600 or higher. Some universities may not demand GMAT.

Top MBA Colleges in the UK (with minimum GMAT Score)


GMAT Score

University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School

695 avg.*

UNSW – Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)


Monash University – Monash Business School

Not required

The University of Queensland Business School


Macquarie University – Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Not required

University of Western Australia Business School


Australian National University (ANU)


Deakin University

Not required

La Trobe University

Not required

RMIT University School of Business and Law


*based on admitted students’ average scores.

If you’re ready to move toward earning your MBA in Australia, the next step is easy – just reach out to us at Hurray, and we will help you figure out a plan! If you want to know more about  Australian Universities then check out our blog on Study In Top Universities Of Australia | Go8 Universities

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