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To register and practice in primarily English-speaking countries, or for academic purposes, OET certification is an essential first step – it is a test that qualifies you as proficient in the English language for professional use.
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About OET

The Occupational English Test or OET is an internationally-recognised English language test especially designed for healthcare professionals, from non-native English backgrounds, to test language communication skills. The test qualifies the candidate to register and practice in their area, in an English-speaking environment. It is also accepted for academic purposes in related sectors.
The test is renowned and recommended by healthcare professionals working across international locations.

How does the test work?

A. The test has been designed to cater to 12 healthcare professional areas. These include:

1. Dentistry 2. Dietetics
3. Medicine 4. Nursing
5. Occupational Therapy 6. Optometry
7. Physiotherapy 8. Pharmacy
9. Podiatry 10. Radiography
11. Speech Pathology 12. Veterinary Science
B. It is designed to assess the 4 primary language skills, with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment. There is a separate sub-test for each of the skills. These 4 skills are:
  • 1. Listening
  • 2. Reading
  • 3. Writing
  • 4. Speaking
C. OET Scoring
  • 1. Each of the sub-tests is scored from 0-500. You will be individually scored in the four sub – tests.
  • 2. Most organisations require a minimum test score of 350 in each sub-test. This may vary as per the organisation.
  • 3. You will receive the results in 16 days.
  • 4. The duration of test score validity is determined by individual organisations.

Format of OET

The test is computer-based. The total duration of the test, including all 4 sub-tests in close to 3 3 hours.

Skill tested Time given Description
Listening 45 minutes

The test is not profession-specific, but is designed to test your ability to process information in English via Listening, in general healthcare environments/situations.

It consists of 3 parts, with a total of 42 questions.

A. Consultation extracts

Consists of health professional-patient consultation, based on which the candidate has to complete the health consultant’s notes. No. of extracts: 2 (5 minutes each)

B. Short workplace extracts

Consists of recordings of verbal exchanges in the workplace, based on which the candidate has to answer one multiple-choice question per extract. No. of extracts: 6 (1 minute each)

C. Presentation extracts

Consists of recorded presentations related to healthcare topics, based on which the candidate has to answer 6 multiple-choice questions per extract. No. of extracts: 2 (5 minutes each)

Reading 60 minutes

The test is not profession-specific, but is designed to test your ability to process information in English via Reading, in general healthcare environments/situations.

It consists of 3 parts with a total of 42 questions.

A. Expeditious reading task 

Consists of short texts, related to a single general healthcare topic, based on which the candidate has to answer questions. It is designed to test the candidate’s ability to read quickly and efficiently.
No. of texts: 4
No. of questions: 20
Type of questions: matching, sentence completion, short answer
Time duration: 15 minutes
Parts B and C are designed to test the candidate’s ability to carefully read and process important information. Note: For Parts B and C, the total time duration given is 45 minutes.

B. Careful reading task (Type 1)

Consists of short texts of 100-150 words related to the healthcare workplace (such as policy documents, hospital guidelines, internal communications), based on which the candidate has to answer one multiple choice question.
No. of texts: 6

c. Careful reading task (Type 2)

Consists of longer texts (800 words) on topics of interest related to healthcare, consisting of detailed information and opinions, based on which the candidate will answer 8 multiple choice questions per text.
No. of texts: 2

Speaking 20 minutes (approx.)

The test is profession-specific. The candidate will be given tasks specific to one of the 12 healthcare professions covered by OET – e.g. a doctor will be given tasks relevant to medicine.
It is designed to test the candidate’s ability to communicate via writing, drawing on profession-specific circumstances. This is based on the understanding that each profession has specific communication requirements.
The test is conducted by an interlocutor, individually. It begins with brief introduction and conversation.
The main tasks involve role-play.
In the role-play, the candidate plays the role of the healthcare professional, while the interlocutor plays the role of patient/client/patient’s relative or carer (including animal-owners for Vet. Science). The candidate is given a card, explaining the situation. The situation is based on realistic workplace situations.
No. of tasks: 3
Prep. time: 3 minutes

P.S. If you have any queries about the test components, scoring and so on, our trainers, specialising in OET Online Coaching, will be happy to answer you!

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Our Cycle of Training

It is a step-by-step process, designed to enhance your performance and ensure top scores in the exam.
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You will then begin OET classes online, which are practice-based and individual-oriented. We will help identify your specific areas of improvement and train you accordingly.
Our formula recognises the sheer importance of putting what you learn into practice – training is thus combined with a slew of practice tests and mock exams, prior to the final exam.
During your OET online training, we will also provide you with plenty of tips and techniques to hone your language skills which will hold you in good stead on a long-term basis – not only helping you clear the exam, but also to communicate comfortably in professional environments in your new country!

It is advised that only those seeking to study or practice in healthcare professions in English-speaking countries enrol for the test. OET may not be recognised for other purposes.
To enrol, the candidate would require their identification documentation i.e. the original passport.

OET is accepted by healthcare sector regulators, hospitals and universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore.

OET is a rigorous examination, meant to ensure that you will be able to function in an English-speaking professional environment.
Many students choose our OET online course because of the following benefits:

  • specialised tips and techniques by expert and experienced trainers
  • access to practice material
  • having a trusted advisor to help identify and make necessary improvements
  • long-term benefits of English training, especially post-arrival in new country
  • the flexibility allowed by OET online classes

OET is conducted at test locations in several cities across India – including Bangalore, which currently has 2 test centres.
OET has at least 1 test-date a month.

You can reach out to us via email: info@hurrayedutech.com or call us on: 8971357938, for any queries you might have.
You can also visit us at our offices in Koramangala or Indiranagar, to learn more about our OET Online Courses in Bangalore.