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The Master’s in Business Administration is probably the most popular postgraduate professional degree of the 21st century. It is designed for those interested in entering the business sector or managerial positions in fields such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management and so on. At present, there are around 2500 MBA programmes offered all over the world – and counting! 

Thousands of international students are choosing to study in Australia – home to some of the world’s top B-Schools, awarding globally-valued MBA degrees, and producing graduates with gaining top-notch skills and high employability.

Here at Hurray, a top Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore, we have the experience and the expertise to help make your goal of an overseas education see fruition. Read on to learn why we suggest Australia for your MBA destination!


  • Globally-recognised MBA

There are at least 75 internationally recognised and renowned business programmes offered by Australian universities. Several of these have been accredited by global accreditation bodies including AACSB and EQUIS. An Australian MBA implies high career prospects and huge opportunities for progression – both in India, and elsewhere across the world. 

  • Academic innovation

Australian MBA programmes are designed to combine excellent classroom-based teaching – with plenty of hands-on experience, via internships, capstone projects, consultancies, international exchanges and so on! Each B-School offers its own take on the MBA – all of which are designed to inculcate innovation and leadership skills among its graduates.

  • Best of 2 Worlds

Owing to its close proximity to the Asia-Pacific region, MBA programmes in Australia offer a combined focus on Western and Easter business practices and phenomena. As an Indian student, this double exposure will equip you to work anywhere in the world, as a major value-add to your employer.

  • Work opportunities

Higher education in Australia offers plenty of ways to strengthen your CV as you launch your global career. First, the Australian Student Visa permits international students to undertake up to 40 hours of work per fortnight. And second, international students with an Australian degree in Australia can stay back for 2-4 years on the Post-Study Work Stream Visa.

  • Major business cities

Australia has some of the world’s biggest international hubs for business – including the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, each home to major multinational corporations as well as a number of start-ups. Industry feeds symbiotically into academics, with students benefiting from interactions with experienced members of industry, as well as direct experience.

  • Global exposure

Australia attracts students from across the length and breadth of the world – from the USA to China and Japan. If you chose Australia for your MBA, you would join an enormous cohort of international students – not just in your university, but country-wide! As networking and making connections across national and cultural barriers is essential in business, your interactions with fellow internationals will equip you for the same.


As an Overseas Study Consultant, we can help you identify the universities that are best suited to your background and goals. To give you a taste of what is on offer, these are the Top Universities for MBA in Australia. 

  • University of Melbourne

Ranked 1st in Australia and 20th in the world for Business and Management, UniMelb’s credentials are unmatched. The MBA programme offered by Melbourne Business School is challenging and fast-paced, designed to prepare its graduates for leadership positions. The programme boasts of small-sized diverse classrooms and innovative practical experiences including a 10-day field study trip to Asia and 2 capstone projects. MBS is located in the heart of Melbourne, which is Australia’s major hub for multinational business enterprise. 

  • University of New South Wales

Close on the heels of UniMelb, is UNSW – currently ranked 26th globally. Located in Sydney (another major global business hub), its MBA programme is designed for candidates’ development into global leaders and innovators. The programme is structured to cover the core subjects of Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance – and includes elective papers, thus also allowing students the flexibility to shape their course. It also involves the opportunity of an International Exchange programme. 

  • Monash University 

Monash University stands 36th internationally in the field of Business and Management. Its MBA programme involves experience-based modules, consulting projects, and overseas learning and industry engagement opportunities. The curriculum is built on the basis of 4 modules i.e. Foundation, Innovation, Transformation and Globalisation, with leadership units incorporated into each module. The programme structure is designed to enable students to work alongside their studies.

  • University of Sydney

Globally ranked 42nd, the University of Sydney offers an intensive MBA programme, designed to provide an in-depth understanding of finance, marketing and strategy, and to enable graduates to lead teams in a digital world, harness big data, leverage the power of creativity and explore the nature of complex systems. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an internship programme, across a range of organisations in emerging sectors.

  • Australian National University

ANU is Australia’s top-ranked university. Its MBA programme is designed to build upon management experience and prior learning. It is among the first institutions in the world to adopt evidence-based management (EBM) approach to business education – focusing on creating future-ready leaders who have deep disciplinary knowledge and understanding, to solve today’s problems, and a unique set of analytical skills to respond to tomorrow’s challenges. Furthermore, relatively rare for an MBA programme, ANU offers 30 fee-waiver scholarships for MBA students.

Quick specs

Entry Requirements: a Bachelor’s degree and work experience is generally required, with specifications varying across universities. International students also have to fulfil English language requirements*.

*At Hurray, we offer IELTS online training and PTE online training as well – helping you with all your overseas education needs!

Duration of programme: programme duration is of 16 months, at minimum, often going up to 1.5-2 years.

Average cost of study: 75-95000 AUD for the duration of the programme. 

Scholarships Availability: yes, there are scholarships available at certain universities. These may be subject-specific, or general.

If you’re ready to move toward earning your MBA in Australia, the next step is easy – just reach out to us at Hurray, and we will help you figure out a plan!

As an Overseas Study Consultant, we offer services including Profiling, Applications assistance, Scholarship assistance, Interview preparation, Visa assistance, and much more.

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