Social Initiatives of HURRAY

We are privileged to be associated with the Jesuits of Bijapur who work towards the rehabilitation of Devadasis, slum people and also educate the underprivileged children.

We were honoured when Father Daniel from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce introduced us to Father Gerald who is the Director of the Bijapur Jesuits and gave us an opportunity to visit Bijapur. Father Gerald is doing an outstanding job to transform the lives of the children.

The children of Loyola School and the other schools and centers under his jurisdiction are extraordinarily smart and a pleasure to be with.

We also welcome any students who need our help but cannot afford it to come train with us. Over 1500 students have been supported with learning basic English over the last 9 years, and a total of 100 students have been training online in recent times.

HURRAY will continue to be a proactive participant in such empowering initiatives in small and big ways.