Impact Of Covid-19 On Your Study Abroad Plan


Covid-19 has become a history-making event – and everything around the world has been affected. If you are concerned about what this means for your Study Abroad plans, you are certainly not alone! In this article we will give you all the information we have, with regard to overseas education in 2020-21, and some advice about what you can do to stay on track during this time.

Forecast for Overseas Education 2020-21

For now, the major concern is for students applying for intakes in July-September 2020, and in early 2021 (January-February). 

Programmes which have an early deadline for intakes in July-September 2021 may also be affected.

P.S. this information is based on up-to-date information of various institutions/countries worldwide – but as you may guess, it is subject to change as the situation develops further.

Applications and Admissions

  • Several universities, while suspending all on-campus activities due to Covid-19, are continuing to invite, accept and process applications. In many cases, deadlines have been extended.

  • However, the processing of your application is likely to be delayed – which means that your offer of admission may take longer to arrive, than you expected.

  • Certain universities may have suspended processing and other activities related to your application, based on the local situation. In such a case you will certainly be intimated of the same.

  • Several universities are continuing to offer seminars, information sessions and virtual tours, online.

Interruption to your studies

If you are a final year school/college student, your examinations may have been suspended/postponed, with no fixed date yet available.

  • However, you need not worry – several universities around the world have provisions to take these developments into account.

  • Keep track of the timeline of your exams as and when it becomes clearer – you will probably be required to update the university of the same.

  • If you are already in the process of applying to universities, you may have to clarify this information as well.

Entrance exams

All major exams required for admissions, including IELTS*, PTE, OET, GMAT, GRE etc. have suspended regular testing for the time being due to worldwide Covid-19 lockdowns. 

It remains uncertain when testing will resume, and what kinds of changes are to be expected.

As of now, there are no exact specifications from universities regarding what is to be done. Updates are likely in coming weeks, depending on the unfolding situation. Rest assured that you will receive guidance regarding the same from your university.

(*IELTS has launched IELTS Indicator – an online test designed to be taken at home. Check with your university to find out its acceptability.)

Student Visa Requirements

If you are waiting to apply for/process your Student Visa, or if it has been cancelled/delayed, ensure that you write to your university for specific advice.

Commencement of Classes

When you receive your offer letter and/or have processed your admission, your university will update you regarding commencement.

  • Orientation and classes may be conducted in online format, for a few months or up to a semester.

  • Commencement may be postponed for a certain amount of time.

Remember, various countries, including India, have varying specifications regarding international travel due to Covid-19. Your programme is dependent on many different factors. However, you will receive whatever updates you require, as the time arises.

(Please note: do check the website of your institution for specific and up-to-date information.)

What can you do at this time?

While you may be facing a lot of uncertainty at this time, there are things that you can do. 

Remember – your university will not penalize you for interruptions to your studies, and any other circumstances. It is understood worldwide that the Covid-19 situation is beyond your control.

However, you can keep in touch with your academic goals – and keep your spirits up – with several interesting activities. The following are only a few:

  1. Take Online classes

Several platforms around the world, including Udemy and Coursera, are offering heavily discounted or even free online courses. Your current institution or your new one may also be offering a range of webinars and online workshops that you can take advantage of. 

You can pick up a wide array of skills, learn the basics of a new language, or expose yourself to new knowledge and ideas.

Not will you get to keep in touch with the learning process – but it will also add credit to your CV!

  1. Intern

There are several internships available at this time, where you will of course be required to work from home.

With an internship, you can further bulk up your CV with valuable work experience.

Plus, you will get first-hand experience of working with an organisation virtually, and understand the ins and outs of online work – after all, online work may become the norm for a much longer period than we expect, going forward!

  1. Prepare!

Whether it is for your own institutional final exams, for English proficiency tests or entrance exams, or for your university application, including your SOP and interview – you can use this time to prepare.

  • Enrol in preparatory courses that are delivered in online mode. 

  • Make the most practice tests – it can give you the edge you need.

  • Make a time-table for your work and stick by it! It will help you organise and make the most of the time… and it will help take away any feelings of helplessness that creep in.

Here at Hurray we have plenty of ways in which to help you with your preparation!

If you are looking for online training for IELTS, PTE or OET – we have it all!

Or if you are looking for online resources for your own preparation, you can check out our blogs. We have regular blog articles for IELTS, PTE, and OET, with plenty of tips and strategies to help you prep and practice. You can also refer to our Overseas Education blogs – where we discuss everything from SOP strategies and interview guidelines for several countries.

  1. Get set for Academic year 2021

If you are planning to go overseas for your studies next year, there’s no time like the present to start your preparation!

Whether it’s selecting your programme, university or country, you can start doing your research and figuring out what you want now.

Our Overseas Education counselors are available online to assist you – you can avail of a FREE one-on-one counseling session with us, and start your journey. We will also help you navigate a post-Covid-19 world, with regard to your studies.

We at Hurray understand the kind of uncertainty and anxiety you may be feeling because of the Covid-19 phenomenon – we sympathize, and we would like to offer you a little extra advice:

  • Keep yourself occupied in productive activities like the ones we have discussed: when you do, you will feel connected with your goals and confident that things will work out.

  • Arm yourself with information regarding your admissions: so long as you are up to date, you will be prepared to take all developments in your stride.

  • Take care of your physical and mental health: now more than ever it is important that you look after yourself. After all, you will want to enter the next phase of your academic life feeling secure and confident – good health is the key! So, eat well and exercise, practice all safety measures to keep yourself healthy, keep in touch with loved ones, get plenty of rest – and make sure you keep some time aside to have fun!

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