How to write a Semi-Formal Letter for the IELTS Exam


You are applying for a job and you need a letter of reference. Write a letter to a boss.
• Describe the job you are Applying for
• Say what you want to be included in the reference letter
• Request That form your boss send you the letter by the end of the week

Dear Sanjit,
I am writing this letter to ask you if you would kindly write me a letter of reference. I have recently applied for a job in the education industry. More specifically, I am hoping to teach underprivileged students in Colombia.
Let me explain in more detail, there is a program for teachers to spend in the year of teaching. You have known me as a teacher for the last three years. You could describe, not just my teaching skills, but also things like my hard working and amicable personality. In addition, it would be useful if you could speak fluently Spanish, as this is a key requirement for the job.
The job must be at the end of the week, so I hope you can give me a letter before that. I wish to submit my application soon, so I hope you can write this letter as soon as you can.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Hurray Edutech

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