Working after Graduation in Germany


Students who have graduated i.e. successfully completed the final examination, from a German University is entitled to a stay-back option of 18 months within which to search for employment in Germany.

Required documents

Besides the passport and proof of completion of degree, the recent graduate must have proof of sufficient financial support and health insurance. The 18 month-period commences from the date that exam results are posted. During this period, the graduate can take up residence and find any kind of temporary employment. Upon securing a permanent job, the permanent residency or EU Blue Card can be applied for.

If the graduate returns to their home country, but wishes to travel back to Germany in search of work, they can apply for a Jobseeker visa, which gives the holder 6 months in Germany to look for a job related to their degree, provided they show proof of financial self-support, as they are not allowed to work in Germany on this visa (only to look for work.) Upon securing a job, the process is the same as above.

Job prospects

A number of major MNCs are based in Germany, including Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Haribo and Volkswagen, providing a high level of employment across its various sub-divisions, including manufacture, sales and marketing etc.

As per a recent study by a research company called Prognos, the sectors in which Germany will soon see a shortage of workers, thereby increasing the demand and job prospects of the same, are the STEM sector – i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – and the healthcare sector. Some of the most sought-after graduates include those in Chemicals, Electronics, Iron and steel production, Machinery, and Vehicle manufacturing.

Language requirements

Whether German language proficiency is required or not largely depends on the job; however, the chances of securing the best jobs are increased if the applicant does speak German. As an added important bonus, living in Germany, and several other countries in the EU, becomes easier if one does know the second-most widely spoken language on the continent.

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