Listening Test: Tips and Techniques – Part 5


1. Highlight Incorrect Words

What is the task?

You will have to listen to a recording of a passage. As you listen, you have to simultaneously read the transcription of the same passage on the screen/page. Some of the words in the transcription are different from the words in the recording – your task is to highlight those words. There are 2-3 such tasks. The purpose of the task is to test how well you can listen and comprehend information.

Tips and Techniques

  1. Pay close attention to the recording and follow the transcription on the screen at the same time. Be quick to identify the incorrect words in the transcription so as to keep pace with the recording.


2. Write from Dictation

What is the task?

You will listen to a recording of a sentence. At the same time, you will have to write/type the sentence as you hear it. The sentence will not be repeated. There are 3-4 such tasks. The purpose of the task is to test how well you can listen, comprehend and reproduce information in writing.

Tips and Techniques

  1.  Pay close attention to the recording. Try to write/type each word as soon as you hear it.
  2. Be mindful of spellings and grammar. However do not spend too long on each part of the sentence as you are writing it, so that you do not lose time and can complete the whole sentence.
  3. If you make mistakes, correct them after you have completed writing/typing the whole sentence.
  4. To avoid mistakes in spelling and grammar, work on your vocabulary as mentioned in the general tips and techniques.

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