Listening Test: Tips and Techniques – Part 4


Multiple-choice, choose single answer

What is the task?

You will have to listen to a recording of a passage. On the screen/page, there will be a question regarding the passage and a list of possible answers. You have to select the answer which is correctly related to the passage you have listened to – there will be only one correct answer. There will be 2-3 such tasks. The purpose of the task is to test your ability to identify correct information based on what you comprehend through listening.

Tips and Techniques      

a. Take notes: While listening to the recording, make a note of the main points. Based on these points, write down the topic of the passage as you understand it. Make sure that you pay close attention to what is said so that it remains fresh in your memory – your notes will help to refresh your memory.

b. When the task begins, first read the question and understand what is being asked:

- Is it the purpose of the passage i.e. what the speaker is doing?

  • (e.g. “explaining”, “describing:, “criticizing”; before you take the mock test, find out the meanings of such words/phrases – when you know what these mean, you will know if the passage is doing them.)

- Or is it the content of the passage i.e. what the speaker is talking about?

c. Read each option carefully – select the option which says the truest thing about the passage OR something that has actually been mentioned in the passage (depending on the type of question).

- The wordings of the options will not be exactly the same as what appears in the recorded passage. Use your notes to see which of the options is closest to what was actually said. Ensure that the ideas in the option are linked together in the same way as they are in the passage. 

d. Remember that only one option is correct.


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