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Thousands of Indian students are choosing to make Australia their destination for overseas education. Here at Hurray, as a top Overseas Education Consultant, we meet several students every year, who are aspiring to join them!

Based on our experience, we have learned of the various reasons that makes Australia so attractive to our students – and what would make it equally beneficial to you!

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  • Top-Notch Academics:

In Australia, you would be able to study in one of the top universities in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, or any other location. Several of these universities are ranked among the best in the world, and have a great tradition of providing education to home-grown and international students. They have developed some of the best infrastructure and resources, are producing cutting edge research which will feed into your learning, and are able to recruit several of the world’s best academics to be your teachers.

  • Wider Options:

Several of these universities are at the forefront of developing programs and curricula in some of the newer or more non-traditional areas of study, offering diverse opportunities to international students. Some of their most cutting-edge and in-demand postgraduate programs include Master in Data Science offered by University of Melbourne, Master of Artificial Intelligence offered by Monash University, and Master of Engineering Science offered by University of New South Wales, with specializations as varied as Food Science, Environmental and Geothermal.

  • Great Exposure:

Australia attracts students from across the length and breadth of the world – from the USA to China and Japan! They are present in large populations in several of Australia’s best universities, including Queensland University, University of Melbourne and so on. This means that you would join an enormous cohort of international students – not just in your university, but country-wide! You will learn to interact with people from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, be exposed to different ways of thinking and build a global network of contacts – all of which will benefit you, career-wise.

  • Travel And Culture:

Australia is not only a country, but a continent – consisting of several diverse regions, from the azure coasts of the south, the rugged red deserts of the west, the vast green expanses stretching across the continent, to the ultra-modern cities dotting it. For adventure-lovers, your options include hiking, trekking, diving, surfing – you name it, Australia has it! And for those more culturally-inclined, cities like Sydney and Melbourne are hotbeds of the country’s rich art and cultural development. Wherever you are based, you will have opportunities to broaden your horizons and enrich your experiences – all part and parcel of the overseas education experience!

  • Work Experience:

Besides academics, studying in Australia will give you plenty of opportunities to work. The Australian Student Visa permits international students to undertake up to 40 hours of work per fortnight – several students take on jobs in restaurant service or university assistance, which helps them develop a work ethic, and earn some additional money! Internships undertaken in an Australia-based company will help bulk up your CV. And what’s more – international students with a university degree in Australia can stay back for 2-4 years on the Post-Study Work Stream Visa, thereby gaining valuable work experience!

  • Job Prospects:

Australia’s reputation, in terms the level of its universities and academic work, means that any potential employer, back home or elsewhere in world, would consider you a valuable candidate worth hiring! They expect that the benefits you have derived from studying in the world’s best universities will translate into your value to the company – and with your experiences, you can prove them right.

  • Self-Development:

Finally, your Study in Australia will provide you with many growing-up opportunities – from living abroad, cooking and caring for yourself, learning how to navigate a new city, to interacting with people in academic and everyday settings. In this way, you will develop independence and self-confidence – virtues that are not only valuable career-wise but for life!


If you are convinced that Australia is the place for you, the next step is easy – just reach out to us at Hurray, and we can help you figure out a plan!

As an Overseas Education Consultant, we offer services including Profiling, Applications assistance, Scholarship assistance, Interview preparation, Visa assistance, and much more!

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