Top MBA Programs In New Zealand


Are you an experienced professional in the field of business, looking to take your career further? Or perhaps a fresher, hoping to build a strong foundation from which to launch yourself into the business world?

Studying MBA in New Zealand will help you achieve your goals – whatever they may be! 

Why Study MBA in New Zealand?

The reasons are plenty – these are our top 5!

  1. Globally-recognised MBA

The MBA programmes offered by universities in New Zealand have global accreditation including AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS – this means that with a New Zealand MBA, doors will be opened to you across the world! 

  1. Cutting-edge, yet Affordable

MBA programmes in New Zealand rival any of the world’s top countries, with cutting-edge curricula and learning and practice opportunities on offer, while also being comparatively lower in tuition fee rates – a veritable win-win for any international MBA aspirant.

  1. Learning Environment

The small number of highly ranked universities in New Zealand makes for a competitive environment, with each battling to offer advanced and exciting MBA programmes and recruit the world’s best students – if you join this cohort, you will rub shoulders with people from around the world, building networks and people skills to take you far!

  1. Best of 2 Worlds

Owing to its close proximity to the Asia-Pacific region, studying for your MBA in New Zealand comes with exposure the business practices and phenomena of both the Western and Eastern worlds – equipping you to work anywhere in the world, as a major value-add to your employer.

  1. Work Opportunities

The New Zealand Student Visa permits international students to work up to 20 hours during the semester and full-time during the holiday periods. Furthermore, after graduation, international applicants are permitted to apply for the Post Study Work Visa, to stay back in the country for work for 1-3 years. Thus, both during and after your MBA in New Zealand, you will enjoy plenty of opportunities to build experience – and your CV!

MBA programme structure in New Zealand

  1. Duration

New Zealand MBA programmes can be of duration ranging from 12 months up to 2 years. Most programmes average at 1.5 years or 18 months.

  1. Intake

MBA programmes offer intakes in the first half of the year i.e. January-February, or in the latter half i.e. July-August. Several offer multiple intake dates.

  1. Cost of Study

The cost to study MBA in New Zealand typically ranges on the higher side, compared to other programmes, as is the case worldwide – however, in comparison to other top countries for MBA, the costs are relatively lower, ranging from 45-60,000 NZD. At current rates of exchange, this amounts to about 2-3,000,000 INR.

The cost of living in NZ varies between its 2 major islands, with an average cost of 15-20000 NZD per year on South Island, and 18-25000 NZD per year on North Island.

  1. Scholarships Availability 

Each New Zealand university has a number of scholarship programmes in place, to help excellent international students fund their MBA studies in New Zealand. 

You can learn of these and several other scholarship opportunities when you reach out to our Overseas Education counselling team for your one-on-one counselling session!

Eligibility criteria for a NEW ZEALAND MBA

  1. Prior Study

The minimum requirement for entry into a New Zealand university postgraduate programme, including the MBA, is a Bachelor’s Degree awarded by a recognised tertiary education provider. The 3-year degree offered in India are recognised and accepted.

  1. Work experience 

To study an MBA in New Zealand, a minimum of 3-5 years’ work experience is required – with 5 or more years typically being the average work experience of the MBA cohorts at different universities.

 The New Zealand MBA is designed to draw on industry experiences of all students, allowing you to gain the most from your experience, and to build a strong foundation going beyond theory. 

If you do not possess work experience, it is difficult to gain acceptance by a New Zealand MBA programme, as opposed to certain universities in other countries. 

  1. Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is one of the major criteria for admission to New Zealand MBA programmes. 

For New Zealand universities, the Personal Statement is seen as a means of indicating your eligibility for the programme, as well as the value for the university of admitting you as a student. 

As an MBA aspirant, your work experience and everything you have built so far must come across clearly in your Personal Statement – letting the university know that you would be an asset to their programme. Your aspirations in the field of business are significant as well, as they will indicate your determination and sense of purpose. 

  1. Language Requirement

As with several other highly-sought-after postgraduate programmes, New Zealand MBA programmes typically demand proof of English language proficiency – IELTS is the preferred test, with scores upwards of 6.5. PTE is also accepted by several universities.

(At Hurray, our IELTS and PTE training programmes are designed to help you achieve top scores!)

  1. GMAT

For admission to New Zealand MBA programmes, the GMAT is typically a required qualification; however certain universities, like AUT, may accept a student without the exam. 

Top MBA Colleges in New Zealand (with minimum GMAT Score)

New Zealand is home to just 8 major universities – all of which are ranked in the QS Rankings! Of these 8, 7 offer an MBA programme.


GMAT Score

The University of Auckland Business School


University of Otago Business School


University of Canterbury


Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

590 avg.*

Victoria University of Wellington – Victoria Management School


University of Waikato – Waikato Management School


Massey University 


*based on admitted students’ average scores.

For more on the USP’s of each of these universities and their MBAs, check out our next post on Top MBA Universities in New Zealand.

The Hurray overseas education counselling team has the experience and the expertise to help you find the perfect MBA programme!

Reach out to us at or 8971357938, and book your FREE one-on-one counselling session today! 

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