Top 10 Tips For Scoring 90 In PTE Academic



PTE Academic is increasingly becoming a popular and widely-accepted English language test for international students – recognized by the Australia and New Zealand governments for visa purposes, as well as by top universities the world over, for admissions.

Here at Hurray, a top PTE Training Centre in Bangalore, we have several experienced and expert trainers to help you ace the test – with a 90/90 score, even in your first attempt!

Based on our experience with students and their needs, we have curated a number of tips and strategies to help them score their best.


  • Read/listen to English in use

Focus on good material, in books, high-profile international magazines, informative TV channels, etc. This will help you to build your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, get used to a number of accents, including native speaker accent, and improve your grammar – all of which will aid you in preparing for PTE Academic.

  • Practice!

We recommend practicing with a minimum of 3-4 mock tests, though ideally with much more than this. At our PTE Training Centre in Bangalore, for instance, we apply a practice-oriented approach to training – we know that the more our students' practice, the easier it is to ace the test!

Furthermore, through practice, you will also be able to put the rest of our tips into use.

  • Hone Your Reading Skills

The major reading skills that come into play in PTE Academic include speed reading, skimming, and scanning. With these skills, you should be able to read quickly through a text, without spending too much time on each word, while still being able to grasp the main/important ideas.

  • Make A Word-List

That is a list of words that you can use, in the writing test in particular, in order to make your writing sound polished. For instance, words, like illustrating, demonstrate, and depict, will help you to describe the image in Writing Task 1. You must have clarity on the meaning and spelling of these words, and how to use (and not use) them.

  • Record Yourself

When practicing for the speaking test, it is a good idea to record yourself. When you listen to the playback, you will be able to identify any mistakes you made, and correct them. Watch out for problems of repetition, speed (too slow/fast), lack of clarity/mumbling.

  • Prep For The Introduction

The PTE speaking test begins with an introduction. While it is not marked, it will be sent to the institutions you apply to – this, it is important to make a good impression. As part of your preparation, make a list of points to cover, and practice introducing yourself. Be mindful of the time limit, and record yourself here as well. However, you must not prepare a script! It will make the introduction sound stiff and unnatural, which will create a bad impression.

  • Practice The Art Of Note-Making

The art of note-making is essential to several of the tasks – including describing an image and writing an essay in the writing test, summarising a lecture, etc. Your notes must be short, consisting only of keywords and phrases that represent the essential information. You must also be quick – for instance, for summarising a lecture you must be able to keep up with the pace of the recorded passage, and stick within the time limit!

  • Pay Attention To Question Patterns

Every exam has patterns – of questions, topics and so on. The more you practice with mock tests, the more familiar you become with these patterns, and the easier it is to ace the test!

  • Pay Attention To The Time Limit And Word Limit

For several of the tasks, there is a time limit within which you must complete the tasks. You must be able to finish the task comfortably, on time. For the writing tests, in particular, you must also write a minimum number of words – if you write less you will lose marks. At the same time, you must not write too many extra words, as your writing might sound rambling and pointless! For both, practicing with mock tests under real test conditions i.e. without access to help and with a time/word limit, is essential.

  • Get A Trainer!

Finally, there’s no better strategy for scoring 90 in PTE, than by getting help from the experts. We will help you hone all these skills, give you plenty of opportunities to put them into practice, give you constructive feedback – and much more! Besides our traditional classroom mode, we are also a center for PTE Online Coaching in Bangalore – which means that you can access our training services from remote locations as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Hurray NOW, and allow us to help you ace PTE Academic!

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