The Different Parts in the PTE Writing Test


The PTE Writing test is held in combination with the Speaking Test. Together, the Speaking and Writing section is of 77-93 minutes duration, and comprise the first part of PTE (Academic).

The Writing Test primarily evaluates your aptitude for using written English in an academic environment.

Below are the details of the two subsections of the Writing Test:

Writing: 1) Summarize the written text

Task: Summary of the text passage must be given in one sentence after reading a text.

Skills assessed: Reading and writing

Prompt Length: up to 300 seconds

Answering time: 10 minutes

Watch: Quick tips on PTE essay writing task 

A summary of the text must be written in one sentence

Candidates are given 10 minutes to provide the summary. The main points of the reading passage in a full, single sentence of no more than 75 words, must be included. The count of written words will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Cut, copy and paste buttons are also available to assist the summary.

Test tips

  • The response must be in the correct form.
  • The sentences written as a response must be checked.
  • A capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and one full stop at the end.
  • The response must be between 5 and 75 words.
  • Exceptions, out of the word limit will not be scored.
  • Compound and complex sentences are to be used for summarizing the main idea of the passage with reference to the supporting detail also.

Watch: A short intro to PTE Writing module

Writing: 2) Essay

Task: Essay of 200-300 words to be written, on a given topic.

Skills assessed: Writing

Prompt Length: 2- 3 sentences

Answering time: 20 minutes

A prompt argumentative essay must be written in 200-300 words

Twenty minutes of time will be allowed to write an essay. The word count is the number of words written, which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The essay must be of a minimum of 200 words, and not more than 300 words. Cut, copy and paste buttons can be used while constructing the essay.

Test tips

  • The task is to be analyzed.
  • Before beginning note the keywords in the prompt.
  • Identification of the topic.
  • Key points to be focused while answering the question.
  • Present the viewpoints and discuss. E.g. agree or disagree with the statement.


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