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The world is in a paused state right now. There is just so much commotion. There is not much we can do about it, except stay at home and keep everybody safe in one way or the other. In such a state it becomes inevitable that you cannot attend schools and colleges anymore. All your academic activities are happening with the help of the internet. This is one of the reasons that Hurray is ready to lend expertise via Online Training so that you can prepare at your own convenience and flexibility. The Hurray Online IELTS Training course offers you the right opportunity to be on the top of your preparations during such a time. Till then you can learn for free from our daily blogs. Mentioned below are some important tips for IELTS preparation. 

Here are some tips you can adopt to prepare for your exams.

  • Clock Your Work: With you being at homes and no supervisors to advise you directly, it is very important that you clock your breaks and productive sessions. You can be your own judge and divide enough time for practice and preparations.
  • Keep In Touch With Your Teachers and Advisors: Make regular conversations with your advisors. Keep them updated about your progress. Adapt online classroom strategies like the google classroom and the like and keep all your study materials easy to track.
  • Save Time From No Commute: Since you are at home, you are not spending hours and hours in traffic and commute. Utilize this time to gain knowledge about things you wanted to but could not because your schedule was so tight.
  • Do Not Waste Time In Napping and Resting: Although it may seem tempting, restrain yourself from taking short and long afternoon naps. Take breaks accordingly to help your mind to refresh. 
  • Videocalls and Phone Conferences: Do not screen yourself away from all kinds of communication. When in doubt enquire whether you can use video calling to clarify your doubts from your teachers and guides. Use phone conferences to do group discussions with your peers. This will help you assess yourself about the areas you are not sure about and help you concentrate on preparing on those aspects.
  • Cut Down On Social Media: It is very important that you stop immersing yourself in social media now that you have free time. Use apps that calculate your online activity. This will help you gain an insight into how many minutes per day you are wasting away. This will in the long run help with your productivity.
  • Search For Relevant Study Material: Studying on your own can be quite challenging. Pages and pages of notes and textbooks may not be as useful as they were with your regular classroom learning. Find materials through various media outlets such as videos on YouTube and other websites meant for learning.
  • Organize Your Study Space: Now that you are doing your preparations at home, it is very important that you declutter your space. Now, decluttering surely doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your stuff. Keep them organized so that you reach them when you need them instead of wasting time searching.
  • Block Distracting Sites: If you consciously cannot restrain yourself from distracting yourself online, block certain sites so that you can stay focused.
  • Music Therapy: Let music help you with your nerves. Having to do all the preparations on your own can really get on your nerves. Play soothing music to let yourself relax. Help yourself rejuvenate. 
  • Snack On Brain Food: It is obvious that being in the comfort zones of your house can make you snacky while studying. It is advised to chew on something from time to time to keep yourself active, but eating foods high in carbs and oily snacks do you no good. Eat brain-healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, and berries. They not only keep you healthy but also increase your concentration.
  • Use Flowcharts and Other Pictorial Aids For Better Organization: No not read on pages and pages of matter for long hours. That does not help you at all. Bifurcate the information and make pictorial charts. This will help you compartmentalize and give enough importance to various pieces of information.
  • Practice On Previous Exam Papers and Modules: Previous question papers will always help you get a better idea of how the present exam will be. Make sure you dig up enough material from the previous years and practice on them thoroughly. This is will get you acquainted with question patterns and time management. 
  • Explain What You Have Studied: Get your siblings to help you at such a situation. Every time you understand a concept, explain it to them. This exercise will further help you analyze how clear you are with your concepts. It will also tell you what aspects of the topic you need to concentrate more. 
  • Test Yourself: Other than solving question papers that have already been set, prepare small slip tests for yourself. Try answering them within a period. 
  • Eat Healthy: Eat normal healthy food. Do not binge on snacks and junk food. Avoiding foods high in bad cholesterol will also help you keep you hearts and minds calm for the exam.
  • Do Not Procrastinate: Studying at home may seem like you have a lot of time. Procrastinating until a day too near to the exam and later cramming all the information will prove to be a disadvantage.
  • Explore Different Learning Techniques: Your learning techniques may have proved beneficial previously but now with a changed scenario, it is advised to take up new techniques of learning to increase productivity.
  • Get Acquainted With Your Exam: Go through the general instructions to make yourself clear of the conduction of the exam. This will help you be prepared in case you cannot have a face-to-face briefing discussion about the exams with your coach and guides.
  • Be Updated With The Mode and Location of The Exam: In such an uncertain situation, exam locations and dates keep changing due to many concerns. Keep yourself updated. An exam that was previously conducted in a location can now be conducted online. These changes are inevitable. It is your duty and concern to keep yourself updated.
  • Start Your Preparations Early On: As mentioned earlier, keep yourself focused and start with your preparations. Do not wait till the exam dates are around the corner.



✔ Read a lot of materials available.

✔ Read materials of different types and genres to get acquainted with the word flow and pauses.

✔ Time yourself with how many words you can read within the time frame.

✔ Learn how to read through a paragraph without having to read each word and punctuation.

✔ Get acquainted with synonyms. It will help you not be stuck on words you do not know.


✔ Prepare pointers of common topics

✔ Use this time to learn how to make mind maps

✔ Train yourself on how you can manage time for various sections

✔ Practice learning different word alternatives.

✔  Test yourself for how many words and sentences you can draft under the time frame.


✔ Train yourself on how to catchwords and phrases within one exposure.

✔ Watch movies and TV shows without subtitles to prepare yourself better.

✔ Watch and listen to recordings of various accents of the English language.

✔ Prepare yourself on how to differentiate between similar-sounding words.


✔ Learn how to not use empty words like “uh” and “um”.

✔ Prepare on how to make mind maps in your mind and talk with a layout.

✔ When you answer, think in English and speak in English. Preparation for this is required. Get yourself acquainted to the language and its expressions as much as possible. 

✔ When you speak, your vocabulary, pronunciation and articulation is more important. Make sure you know alternate words for some words that you are required to use repeatedly. 

✔ Learn how to talk in a normal pace. 

✔ Learn how to smile and talk.

✔ Now that you have all this alone time, practicing in front of the mirror is one of the most feasible solution. 

For many overseas aspirants especially those wanting to migrate to Australia, New Zealand etc., it might be hard to prepare right now given the lockdown. Your PTE test preparations however should not come at a standstill. At Hurray, we have developed a customized series of Online Training sessions that you can take at your ease. The Hurray Online PTE Training course is detailed with strategies to answer different types of questions. 



✔ Practice reading aloud. Since you take this test on a computer, it is important that your voice is audible and clear.

✔ Adopt speaking exercises like tongue twisters to make your speech clear and expressive.

✔ Practice to not stumble while you speak.

✔ Practice on how to describe images. Learn new words as in adjectives. Keeping your answers more expressive than just monotonous is very important.

✔ Learn how to interpret graphs. Learn how to observe patterns in the pictorial representation of information.

✔ Get acquainted with common expressions that you can use at the beginning of your sentences, while you are trying to prove a point, while you are giving examples and while you are concluding your explanation. 

✔ Learn how to speak in a normal pace. 


✔ Since this section has negative scoring, preparing how to read effectively is important. 

✔ Prepare how to read between lines and how to read diagonally. Reading section requires you to answer MCQ questions so picking up on points is more important that understanding sentence structure and literary figures.

✔ Keep the reading practice going.


✔ Learn how to make notes while listening.

✔ Learn how to listen with concentration. It will help you with the “Select missing word” and “highlight incorrect word questions.”

Take as many mocks online. If you’d like we’ll give you some demo sessions for free. 

Given the current situation we are now available online anytime, so if you want to contact us then email us at or call us on 8971357938. You can visit our website for more details, blogs, FAQ’s etc. Whether you want to go for IELTS Academic or General Training our counselors at Hurray Online Training will assist you and ensure that your queries are answered.

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