Countries Accepting The Duolingo English Test For Study Abroad


Duolingo, best known for its app that teaches a range of foreign languages, recently launched an English proficiency test.

While initially not accepted by universities worldwide, or accepted only as a supplement to the more formal tests like IELTS and PTE…owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and closure of testing centres across several countries, many universities are now accepting the Duolingo English Test as fulfilling English language requirements for international aspirants.

Which means that if you have suffered cancellation of your IELTS and PTE English test, and do not know what to do with deadlines fast approaching – you now have a solution!

The Hurray Overseas Education Team has compiled important information about the test in detail and also provided a  list of strategies to help you prep and ace the test.

Now to discuss a very important question – where will your test scores be accepted? We’re breaking it down country-wise! 

(Please note

  • this information is primarily for students looking to do postgraduate programmes. For undergraduates, there is an even longer list of accepting institutes – you can see both lists at this link: Duolingo English Test.-Institutions)

  • the list of accepting institutions is updated continuously, and should be checked for new developments.)


At present, relatively few universities in Australia are accepting Duolingo for international students applying to postgraduate programmes – however, among these few are some high-profile institutions!

Australian National University

One of Australia’s top-ranked universities, ANU is accepting Duolingo for admissions for Intake 2 in 2020 i.e. for programmes starting in August-September. For entry into most postgraduate degree programmes, you would require a minimum score of 115 (with recorded interview), while for a diploma programme, scores between 105-109 would be acceptable.

Monash College

Monash College is an institution affiliated with Monash University – another top Australian institution. It offers a range of pathway diploma programmes, preparing students to take on degree programmes at Monash University. You would require a minimum score of 85-95, and your interview performance would also count.

New Zealand

As of right now, only Otago University is accepting Duolingo scores for all international students affected by Covid-19. These scores will be considered for all 3 intakes in 2020 and 2021 – for postgraduate programmes, the minimum score required is 110.


In this list you will find some of the top-ranked Irish universities, including:

Trinity College

Consistently ranked among Ireland’s – and the world’s – best universities, Trinity College is accepting Duolingo for now. Your test must be dated from January 2020 onwards, and you need a minimum score of 110.

University College Cork

Nearly all postgraduate programmes at this elite Irish institution are currently accepting Duolingo scores. You would typically require a minimum score of 110-115 to be considered following a verification of your skills. Preferably, a score of 120-125 at minimum will ensure that you are considered for a full offer.

University College Dublin

If you have been affected by testing centre closures, you can supply your Duolingo test result for 2020 intake. You will require a minimum score of 110, and an additional interview may also be required.

United Kingdom 

If you’re aspiring to study at one of the UK’s several premier universities, you’re in luck! Several of the top universities are now accepting Duolingo, including (and by no means limited to):

University College London

The scores required at this top London university will vary as per the programme applied for – for a quick reference, a score of 115+ is considered Standard Level, 125+ is Good, and 135+ is Advanced.

University of Edinburgh

When proven that you are unable to attend a test centre owing to Covid-19 closures, as is currently the case in India, your Duolingo scores will be considered at the University of Edinburgh – subject to certain other conditions. The university-wide cut-off is 115, and may go up to 145 depending on the specific programme requirements.

University of Birmingham

This elite university is also accepting Duolingo for 2020 admissions – required scores will be updated according to the specific programme.

Anglia Ruskin University

ARU will also be accepting Duolingo scores in 2020 – the minimum required score will correspond to the proficiency levels designated by Duolingo. You can check with your programme to know more.


A large number of universities in Canada have started accepting Duolingo! These include:

Thompson Rivers University

Applicable for admissions submitted until December 31, 2020, TRU is accepting Duolingo with a minimum score of 110. 

University of Alberta

This university is accepting Duolingo scores for tests taken after February 1, 2020, for Fall term admission. You would require a minimum score of 115, and 125 in Speaking. 

University of Manitoba

Applicable for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 intakes, you require a minimum score of 115.

United States

The US has the highest number of institutions now accepting Duolingo – ranging from the big public universities to small private colleges. The odds of your target universities accepting your Duolingo scores are pretty good!

The following is just a sample:

Arizona State University

For students affected by test centre closures, this top public university is accepting Duolingo scores of tests taken between Feb 3-July 31 2020 – the minimum score is 95 in general, with scores from 100-120 required for specific programmes.

Florida Institute of Technology

This top technical university in Florida requires a minimum score of 100 for eligibility. 

Northeastern University

As one of the USA’s premier private universities, your Duolingo overall score as well as your skill-specific scores will be evaluated for admission purposes – an overall score between 120-130 is typically your best bet for making the cut.

State University of New York – Albany 

SUNY Albany is accepting Duolingo test scores, as per their equivalence to TOEFL/IELTS – the minimum score will be set accordingly.

University of Pittsburgh

For admission to this public university, a Duolingo score of 120 or higher would be required – application are reviewed holistically, and your scores will be weighed against other acceptance criteria for admission.

Looking for tips to score higher in Duolingo English Test check out our blog on Top Tips On The Duolingo English Test Preparation

Spotted your target university in the list? Or still not sure if Duolingo will work for you?

Either way, the Hurray Overseas Education counsellors can help – we have all the updates you need to help you make your university applications in 2020-21!

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