Sandwich courses in the UK


Specifically developed in the UK, sandwich courses are increasingly in-demand – with work or industry experience integrally built into the undergraduate degree programme, thereby producing graduates already groomed for industry and thus highly attractive to potential employers.

What is a sandwich course?

A sandwich course is usually a 4 or 5-year long degree course, where the student undertakes 1 year-long placement at a company associated with their subject of study. The structure may vary as per university or level of study.

To understand the structure of a sandwich course, think of its namesake – a sandwich. The first 2 years of the course are a period of study at the university – the first slice of bread, so to speak. Placements take place toward the end of the 2nd year, with the 3rd year of the course spent gaining active work experience at the company where the student has been placed – thus, the sandwich filling. Following the completion of the placement, the student returns to the university for their final year(s) of study, until they graduate – in other words, the last slice of bread, completing the ‘sandwich’ (course)!

Where can you do a sandwich course (and in what subject)?

A number of top universities in the UK are offering sandwich courses, and are encouraging applicants to enrol for the same. Some of these universities include Bath, Lancaster, Surrey, Loughborough, Aston and Hertfordshire.

Some of the subjects in which sandwich courses are offered include Business, Engineering, Finance, Psychology, Computer Science, and Sport Studies, among several others. They are also offered in courses of Modern Languages, with year 3 of the course possibly spent teaching abroad, studying at a foreign university, or an industrial placement.      

Why take up a sandwich course?

The fact that the course is a year longer than the typical UK undergraduate course, and that it involves an interruption to a long period of dedicated study, may be a deterrent to many students. However, there are a number of reasons in favour of sandwich courses, especially for students looking for an industry-based career:

  • Gives you the edge of prolonged work experience in a saturated job market for graduates
  • A deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge associated with the chosen field, that will aid you in your continued years of study, as well as in your new job, once you leave school
  • An opportunity to build you network, with the company of your placement and with others in the field, which could most likely translate into better job opportunities

To learn more about which UK university and in what field to do a sandwich programme, as well as to get help finding answers to any questions you may have, regarding university assistance in finding placements, remuneration during placement and sandwich course fee-structures – the Hurray Overseas counselling team is happy to offer our assistance. Get in touch with us via email:, or phone: 8971357928, for further details.

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