PTE Writing Test: Tips and Techniques-Part 1


Summarize Written Text

What is the task?

You will have to read a passage displayed on the screen/page. Your task is to summarize the passage in single sentence. You will have 10 minutes to finish the task. There will be 2-3 such tasks. The purpose of the task is to test the quality of your writing and your ability to summarize important information briefly.

Tips and Techniques

a. Take notes: Read the passage carefully. Make note of the key words/phrases and the points you consider important.

b. After you finish reading, go through your points. Select the points which you think are essential.

  • A single sentence should not be longer than 2-3 lines. Thus, you must select only those points which are absolutely essential for your reader to know the topic/argument of the passage – there will ideally be only 1-3 such points.
  • If there are several points about a similar theme, try to combine them into a single point.

c. Write a rough draft of your sentence, before you submit your final answer.

d. Your sentence should be written in a structured way. You can use the following structure:

  • Begin with the main topic, in the form of a single word/phrase – e.g. “Sustainable development...”
  • Connect your selected points to the topic. They must be connected in a way that indicates what aspect of the topic the passage is focusing on.
    • e.g. “Sustainable development is necessary because (your points)” OR “Sustainable development is being hindered by (your points)”

 e. The two essential skills you require for this task are:

  • Vocabulary – in order to understand the topic and how the passage is talking about the topic.
  • Grammar – especially tenses and punctuation, in order to write a good quality sentence e.g. commas should be used to separate points, and the sentence must end with a full stop.
  • Refer to the general tips and techniques to help you work on your vocabulary and grammar skills.  

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