PTE Academic – General Tips and Techniques


PTE Academic is one of the top internationally-recognised English language proficiency tests, essential for your goals of an education or career abroad. Here at Hurray Academy, we’ve put together a series of articles on tips and techniques to help you take on the tasks i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Before that, take note of a couple of general tips and techniques that will help you ace them!

1. Build your vocabulary as best you can: Having a solid vocabulary will help you tackle each of the tests – whether it is in terms of pronunciation for speaking, comprehension for listening or reading, or essay-writing.

  • The best way to build vocabulary is to read as well as to listen to English language being used.
  • Most of the tasks use passages about topics from among the areas of general knowledge, including government, education, health, family and society, media and entertainment, science and technology, and the environment.
  • Look for articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs, or videos on YouTube and other such resources, that discuss topics from these fields. The articles do not need to be very technical or academic – what is important for you, is to keep note of words that keep appearing, or those related to concepts which you think are important.
  • In this way, you will have a good list of words related to specific contexts – the context will also help you to remember the words better.


2. Grammar skills are an extremely important aspect of knowing a language. Reading/listening to the resources mentioned above will also help you to work on and improve your grammar. Some of the important elements of grammar that you can work on this way are:

  • Verbs and tenses – verbs are the words that describe action, while the tense form of the verb tells you whether the action has taken place in the past, present or future. Take note of the verbs you read/hear and how they are used in writing/speaking.
  • Prepositions – these are the words that tell you about the position of something e.g. above, below, beside, near etc.
  • Conjunctions – these are the words that connect different parts of a sentence e.g. and, but, or.
  • Punctuation marks – take note of the punctuation marks most commonly used in texts and how they are used in writing.


3. Practice with mock tests

  • The best way to prepare for a test like PTE Academic, is to answer as many mock tests as possible. Through these tests, you will make all the possible mistakes, and learn what went wrong and how to prevent yourself from going wrong again.
  • Remember to ask your instructor “why” a mistake is a mistake – this way you will learn the reasoning behind the correct way of doing something, and will be able to remember it better.
  • Through the mock tests, you will also become familiar with the structure of the tasks, the way in which you need to tackle them, how much time to spend on each component of the task etc.

At Hurray Academy, we have developed the resources to help you build these skills, right from trainers to the mock tests. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help make your dreams come true – email us at: or call us on: 8971357938.

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