Why Do Indians Students Prefer To Study Abroad?



Today, hundreds of thousands of Indian students are pursuing overseas education in several countries around the world – with more joining them every year!

Hurray is an Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore, with several years’ experience in helping several students find their dream university abroad – and with each passing year, we see more and more with hopes of the same.

But, what is it about studying abroad that is so attractive to Indian students – and how would you benefit from the same?

Read on to find out!


  • Top-Notch Academics:

If you choose to Study in Australia, Canada, the UK or a number of other top overseas education destinations, you would get opportunities to enroll in some of the world’s best universities. Several of these have a very long tradition of providing education to home-grown and international students – some with even 500 years or more! Because of this, they have developed some of the best infrastructure and resources, are producing cutting edge research which will feed into your learning, and are able to recruit several of the world’s best academics to be your teachers.

  • Wider Options:

Several of these universities are at the forefront of developing programs and curricula in some of the newer or more non-traditional areas of study. From design to filmmaking, from data science to artificial intelligence, and from medical technology to environmental engineering – there are more diverse opportunities on offer in universities abroad than you might find here in India.

  • Great Exposure:

Studying abroad also means joining an enormous cohort of international students from all over the world – particularly if you Study in Canada, New Zealand, or other such popular countries. You will learn to interact with people from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, be exposed to different ways of thinking, and build a global network of contacts – all of which will benefit you, career-wise!

  • Travel And Culture

Your university in a foreign country will become an excellent base from which to explore that country, and beyond! You will be able to take advantage of weekend breaks and short holiday periods to embark on trips, for leisure, exploration, or adventure. You can also take advantage of student discounts at various museums, galleries and other major cultural centres. All of this is part and parcel of Studying Abroad– and there’s no better way to enrich your student experience!

  • Work Experience

Besides academics, studying abroad gives you plenty of opportunities to work. Several countries allow you to take on a low-profile job, like restaurant service or university assistance, which helps you develop a work ethic, and earn some additional money! Furthermore, you will have opportunities to intern, or to apply for a post-study work visa – both of which will help you to flesh out your CV, before you fly home!

  • Job Prospects

The kind of learning and training that Studying Abroad entails, including any work experience that you gain, makes you an attractive candidate to potential employers back home in India. They expect that the benefits you have derived from studying in the world’s best universities will translate into your value to the company – and with your experiences, you can prove them right! Furthermore, it also opens up your chances of securing a job anywhere else in the world!

  • Self-Development

A very important reason a lot of Indian students choose to Study Abroad is for the chance to develop independence and self-confidence! Living abroad, cooking and caring for yourself, learning how to navigate a new city, interacting with people in academic and everyday settings, are some of the ways that students benefit from the growing-up opportunity afforded by an overseas education!


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