How to write a Formal Letter for the IELTS Exam


          Formal Letter

You live in a small university town. Last week, you're going to have a big city about to buy a new laptop at a good price. You worked on the laptop all week and finished writing. However, this week, the laptop does not even switch on. Write to the store. In your letter:
• tell the blind Where You Live & what happened
• explain the problem with the laptop

• state what actions you Would like to take the blind


Write at least 150 words

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am an honors student living 2 hours away from your store on the campus of Troyden University. I am writing to let you know that I wish to exchange the laptop that I bought from your store last week. It is an HP model 2230 with no extra accessories. I hope that you will consider my situation favorably.
Let me explain in more detail. The trouble started this morning when I could not turn on the laptop. Until this morning, it was in perfect working condition. I have an important assignment that is due in 2 days. I have worked on the assignment for close to 45 hours and do not have the time to start writing another one.
Would you please have either a technician come over and fix the problem with the computer or have someone replace the computer after extracting the document I have worked on? As time is of the essence, I need someone as quickly as possible.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Peterson

(words - 177 )


What are the criteria for getting an 8+ in your letter

Writing on the topic: This means that you should not deviate from what is asked of you in the question. The prompts need to be answered adequately. Each prompt should be given a paragraph to be answered and the student should keep in mind that he does not interchange the information of each paragraph.

• Using vocabulary precise to the topic: Always use vocabulary you are a 100% sure of. This means that you will not make any errors in your letter. Using a higher level of vocabulary will make you lose marks in the exam if it is used incorrectly.

• Using accurate grammar: Ensure the tenses at all the places are correctly used. Look at the tenses and please ensure that it is being used correctly. The student should understand the concept of articles and nouns and use them correctly. Use of plurals should also be kept in mind. Another key point is the use of appropriate adverbs, prepositions, and adjectives. Using complex sentences will get you more marks but that is to be used only if you are confident about your grammar. You are advised to stick to simple sentences for when you are not confident, wrong use of grammar will lead to deduction of marks.

• Using a logical structure for your letter: The letter lets you
o Paragraph one tells the store where you live and what happened
o Paragraph two explains the problem with the laptop
o Paragraph three talks about what is needed to be done



• Reason for writing the letter
• Explanation of the situation
• Request
• Ending
• Signing off


Endings for Formal Letters: Please do not venture away from these endings. They are a safe way for you to get marks

• Best regards

• Kind regards
• Warm regards
• Best regards
• Regards
• Respectfully
• Appreciatively
• Thanks Again
• Sincerely
• Yours Truly

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