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Are you a bright student aspiring to take on a challenging yet exciting new venture, of studying overseas?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.
Hurray is an overseas study consultant in Bangalore. We have a dedicated team of counsellors who are eager to understand your study abroad aspirations and goals. We pride ourselves on bringing a family touch to the study abroad process.

About us

How do we work?

To begin with, we offer a FREE one-on-one counselling session, where you can meet with our expert overseas study abroad consultants – based on your academic record, career aspirations, and so on, we help you gain a broad perspective of what your options are, and how we can help you. Once you have seen what we have to offer, you are free to take the next step of enrolling with us.

Where are we located?

We have two centres where we offer counselling for overseas education in Bangalore i.e. in Indiranagar and Koramangala.

How can you connect with us?

You can reach out to us via email: or call us on: 8971357928, to book your free one-on-one counselling session. We will also be happy to answer any queries you might have.
Alternatively, you can fill out the registration form featured at the top of this page – just click on ‘Register’, fill in your details, and choose the option for ‘Overseas Education’ under ‘Select Program’.

Studying Abroad with us

As an established Overseas Study Consultant in Bangalore, we have secured partnerships to represent over 1000 universities and colleges in 7 of the biggest and most popular Study Abroad destinations for Indian students – these are Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

As an established Overseas Study Consultant in Bangalore, we have partnerships with a number of universities in 6 of the biggest and most popular Study Abroad destinations for Indian students – these are Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and USA. Some of our most prestigious partner universities, where several of our students have successfully gained admission, include:

Australia Canada Ireland New Zealand USA UK
University of Melbourne University of Windsor Trinity College Dublin Victoria University of Wellington Arizona State University University of Edinburgh
Australian National University University of Waterloo University College Dublin University of Canterbury University of Arizona King's College London

You will recognise several universities in this list that are top-ranked, both nationally and globally! And this is only a small representation of what we offer – we have partnerships with several other top-ranked universities, and we can help you find the perfect fit for your goals.

Popular programmes

Some of the programmes that are most popular with our students include:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Engineering
  • MBA, as well as other Business courses

These are some of the most in-demand degree programmes, which open up lucrative career opportunities across the world!

If you are aspiring to a degree in any of these, we can help you find the right programme.

But if you are looking to find a programme in any other field, we can help you do that too!

Australia Canada Ireland New Zealand USA UK
20-37000 AUD 16-30000 CAD 13-30000 Euros 26-40000 NZD 18-30000 USD 14-30000 GBP

*These are the indicative ranges of annual tuition fee rates for a full-time Masters programme. Fees will vary as per the programme/discipline. In general, programmes in the Sciences will fall in the middle of the range, while MBA and Engineering programmes generally cost the most. Certain programmes/universities may have fees higher than those indicated.
For more detailed information, our counsellors are available for assistance.


While the cost of Studying Abroad may appear prohibitive, it need not necessarily be! Several of our partner universities in Australia and beyond, as well as a number of independent agencies, offer excellent scholarship programmes for international students – some of which are specifically for Indian students like you.

The following scholarships from Australia are only a small sample of what is on offer, and what we can help you avail of:

Name What it offers
1. India Global Leaders Scholarship, by University of Queensland
  • For Indian students
  • Award of 5000-20000 AUD covering first semester tuition fee
  • Membership in the UQ Global Leaders community, with exclusive access to various activities
2. Macquarie University India Scholarship, by Macquarie University
  • For Indian students
  • Annual award of 10000-20000 AUD toward tuition fee
3. Destination Australia, by the Government of Australia
  • For students enrolled in Regional Australian universities
  • Award of 15000 AUD toward cost of study and living

For more detailed information on all or any of the above aspects of Studying Abroad with us, our counsellors are available for assistance!

Our Services:

As part of our services as an Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore, we have perfected the formula to help make your dream Study Abroad experience happen!

1. Profiling
During your one-on-one counselling session, we will create your profile, based on your academic progress, individual goals, financial ability and so on. Based on this, we will tailor our services for you.
2. Standardized tests
We provide you with the necessary information regarding the standardized test requirements of your selected universities, and can help you enrol for the same. Furthermore, besides being an Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore, we also offer IELTS and PTE training – guaranteed to help you up your scores!
3. Selection of country/university/course
Based on your test scores and profile, we will curate a list of universities/programmes that you can apply to, along with all the necessary information regarding application.
4. Document editing
We know that one of the most essential aspects of the application process is getting your documents in order – we provide expert guidance in helping you do the same.
5. SoP/LoR/CV assistance
We provide expert guidance, including editorial and review assistance, to help you craft the perfection Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation or CV, as per the requirements of your selected universities.
6. Application review and submission
Once everything is in order, and you are ready to apply, we review your forms and other requirements in accordance with university requirements – all to maximise your chances of acceptance.
7. Scholarships assistance
We help you maximise your opportunities while studying overseas, by providing you with information about the various scholarships available to you.
8. Visa counselling
Once you have successfully gained admission, we will help you with the visa application process, including form and document submission and other procedures where applicable.
9. Interview preparation
We help you prepare to ace the visa interview, providing you with all the tips and techniques you will use.
10. Financial assistance
We have partnered with banks and firms, to help support your travel and academic needs. We can help to make your student loan application process smooth and simple
11. Readiness for country
As Overseas Study Abroad consultants, we ensure that you are supported even once you are actually overseas! We help you prepare to settle into your new base-country – you will land there feeling confident, rather than confused!
12. Post-landing assistance
You will also continue to receive our support, on-the-ground – whether it is to look for accommodation or assistance for any problem, you can reach out to us for help, and we will provide it through our various partners.










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6 Benefits of Studying Abroad

If you’re looking for an Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore, it is safe to say that you do not need us to convince you that Studying Abroad will be an excellent experience for you. But still, we’ve put together a list covering points you may have forgotten!

1. Top-notch education

Several of the world’s best universities are located in the countries that we cater to – you can learn from experts in your field, and avail of excellent resources to aid you in your learning process. You will also enjoy exposure to a new education system, different from what you’ve been used to so far – which will help broaden your own perspectives!

2. Travel!

If you enjoy seeing the world – and as a 21st century student, we can safely assume that you do! – then there’s no greater opportunity to do so than as a Study Abroad student! In between classes, exams and internships, you can spend your free time exploring the country in depth – and maybe even further!

3. Cultural immersion

There is no better way to truly learn about a culture, than by living in it for a year or more. You will experience the lifestyle and cuisine of another country, be exposed to their art and entertainment, and maybe even learn a new language!

4. Meet new people

When you study overseas, not only will you meet locals – but several internationals like yourself! You learn about new ways of thinking and doing things, broaden your network, which is bound to help as you progress in your career – and best of all, you will make lifelong friends from around the world!

5. Work and study

Unlike in India, where students do not usually hold jobs alongside their studies, the culture in several countries abroad is quite different! Students often take up jobs, either related to their disciplines, or unrelated – such as working in McDonalds! International students too are allowed to work this way, subject to certain regulations. Becoming a part of the work-while-studying culture helps you to develop a work ethic that will be valued by your future employer – while allowing you to earn a little extra pocket-money!

6. Career opportunities

Studying in an advanced-level degree programme like a Master’s in a reputed university abroad helps broaden your career opportunities – both here in India, where you can find employment in some of the biggest and best companies… as well as abroad! All of the countries we cater to have regulations in place allowing you, as an international student, to stay back and find employment. Thus, whether you choose to leave or stay, studying abroad will benefit you, career-wise!

5 Guidelines for Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad involves big changes – you will have to adjust to a new country, a new culture, and a new education system. Based on our experience with students as an Overseas Study Consultant in Bangalore, we are able to put together a short list of guidelines to help you make the best of it.

1. Do your research

Even before you start to pack, research about your new country/city/university. You can google – What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of living there? Where can you find groceries that are affordable? How does the public transport system work? Where is your accommodation located, and how will you get from there to your classes? – and so on.

2. Take advantage of the university orientation

The university will host a number of orientation programmes to help you learn about the university as well as the place where you will be living. During these programmes, pay close attention to everything that is mentioned and make a note of it. Having all the information in order will keep you prepared to handle every eventuality.

3. Work hard!

If you have chosen to study abroad, it is evident that you are a good student. Keep that up by making sure you pay attention in class, completing assignments and so on – not only will this help you earn good grades, but you will be able to take full advantage of the education system at the university.

4. Mind your manners

Always be polite and honest when interacting with people. If you have a problem or a question, make sure you start with a greeting, be clear about the issue, and use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – these may sound simple, but they will go a long way in making people want to help you.

5. Know the rules

Besides university rules and local customs, as an international student, you must be fully aware of all the rules determining your stay in the country – regarding the visa, travel, work and so on. Knowing these rules will keep you safely out of trouble!

3 Tips to Find your Dream University Abroad

As experts in Overseas Education in Bangalore, we are well-equipped to help you find your dream university. But these are a few things you can do to help us, help you!

1. Figure out your goals

Figure out what it is that you want to do in the future. Find out what you need to study to make that happen. Would getting an internship help you? Would you need to gain some research experience?

2. Do some research

Google which country is best for your chosen field, or which are the world’s best universities for it – make a list of some of them that appeal to you. When you meet us, we can help you explore your options further.

3. Prepare your record

Put all your documents together, from your 10th Board exams, to your most recent qualification. Prepare a CV listing all of your experience/achievements thus far. You can also put together any important/relevant certificates or letters. This information will help us to make your profile, and tailor our services accordingly.



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